~about me tbh~

"diego is a mystery, wrapped up in an enigma, baked into an apple pie made of brothertouching and werewolves. if there were some sort of award for finding all the weirdest images the internet has to offer, he would almost definitely win that award. there is a possibility that diego is the long-lost cousin of miranda cosgrove. diego will probably take over the world one day with an army of furbies, and when that day comes, he will make it a law that nobody should ever wear pants. especially not men with nice butts." -Nina

Here’s the thing about Diego. He doesn’t give himself enough credit. You can tell him he’s a great guy and he’ll blush and brush off the compliment. He’ll disagree when you call him attractive. He’s humble, I guess you could say. You have this spectacular guy, who loves furbies and television (and his super attractive boyfriend) and who has such a big heart, who turns down compliments. And when that happens, I encourage you to bother him until he takes your compliment with more than just a, “thank you, but I’m not.” Because Diego, among many things, is great, and I love him to the moon and back. You should, too.” -Carrie

"hi i’m diego i love nicki minaj and bitches ain’t shit and they ain’t say nothing also i’m so in love with dylan o’brien that i kinda became him and i also really love sterek and i love to make nath laugh like an idiot *_* me mostre suas tetas x0"-Nachi
"diego is one of those people you can’t get enough off, I literally never not smile when i talk to him, he talks crazy shit like literally talks out of his ass when he gets the chance too but it’s always butterflies and rainbows and I guess we’re friends, yeah we are. but now he likes one direction so I basically hate him and i am done with him." -Ali

diego is ~FABULOUUUSSSSSSS. but with that fabulousness comes great responsibility, which he lives up to. he is kind, sort of hilarious, and the kindred spirit to my fangirl. he is awesome and we should all worship him.” -Phoebe

"You’re probably as fabulous as Katherine Pierce but seeing as tumblr isn’t big enough for both our egos I have to tell you you suck. xoxo" -Kiara

you are really beyond annoying peasant ass getting on my nerves pls get off earth and make your peasant crib somewhere else in the universes useless unicorn jk ily” -Simonalisa

"Diego is the rudest person e v e r. he will never answer you on skype, whatsapp or twitter. Seriously, he is really dramatic and a gif whore, and he likes luan santana which is really weird. Diego is the weetest though, I feel like I can talk to him about everything. He is a hard delena shipper (God bless his existence) and he loves Katherine just like me" -Bela

"you’re that gay guy who’s my straight side’s boyfriend" -Noelle

"Diego: DJ Sassmaster" -Bronte
♥ diego is the worst aeo psh tbh.♥ no tbh, diego is an actual furby which means he’s like the cutest thing ever but some people may think he isn’t because there are still people who don’t like furbies (weird, right???) but he is because furbies are cute ok.” -Verara Fettuccine 

When I imagine Diego I see Dylan O’brien but when I imagine Diego dating someone I see Dylan O’brien too so yeah Diego is Dylan O’brien breathes Dylan O’brien dates Diego O’brien and whAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED I WROTE DIEGO O’BRIEN. He’s best friend’s with Katherine and I want him to teach me(how to dougie) and he can not” -Adri

Hi, I’m Diego and i’m one of the most sassy and fabulous people you’ll ever find here in tumblr, xoxo. And I’m cry because Dylan O’Brien 24/7”-Ismahale

one of the most amazing and most talented person. funny and smart and sweet " -Jojo

“Diego is funny, smart, bitchy and dylan o’tastic.” -Bri

"i’m weird and i asked my friends to describe me so i can put here and be nice. and i’m funny. sometimes. and i love flavia xox0" -Flavia

hi i am diego i like movies and shows and stuff hm what is this wolf show i think i’ll watch it who is tHIS DYLAN OBRIANGDSLJKASDKLJAFBDSK” -Benji

you’re the most beautiful man ever to walk the earth and your friendship is like unicorns and rainbows and you’re funny and stuff” -Becca

Diego = king of furbies and dylan o’brien” -Alex

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