How to make the transition effect at the end of the gifs. Requested by Lauren

Okay, so I assume you know how to make gifs and you have your gif done…

So, what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go to the very last frame of the gif, you’re gonna select the last frame and you’re going to add one more frame by clicking on the “Duplicate the selected frames” button:

So, you should have one more frame now… 

Now, you’re going to go back to the very first frame and you’re going to look 

for the layer (n the layers section (to the right). 

So, after you’ve found which layer is it, you’re gonna go back to the very last frame again, you’re gonna highlight it (select it) and you’re gonna make the layer of the first frame visible by clicking on the “eye thing”

and finally, you’re gonna select that layer that you just made visible (n the right)

and you’re gonna change the opacity of that layer to 50%. 

Note that the layer which belongs to the first frame (the one you just made visible) should be ON TOP of the last layer (n the layers part to the right), otherwise it won’t work

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