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Questions about me:
  • I’m from Paraguay, I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and a little bit of Italian.  I’m 23, English major, I teach EFL (English as a Foreign Language).
~Tumblr~ questions:
  • PLEASE don’t ask me for links anonymously (check sceper.ws or scnscr.me if it’s something that recently aired)
  • I have more followers than I ever thought I would have and I don’t deserve them.
  • I assume that if you follow me it’s because you like my blog and not because you want a follow back.
  • I make my own colorings (most of the times it’s just curves, levels, selective coloring, color balance and vibrance and sometimes I add a gradient in soft light to add depth).
  • That’s it, you can ask anything else :)
  • Oh, and I try to be nice to everybody so don’t be rude.